Our Mission

At KILOS GEAR, each of us is passionate about great nature and we believe that spending time outdoors in nature will bring us better selves.

We hope you can have the best time with your friends, family, and furry companions in the great outdoors, so we work hard to provide products that will make your time easier and more enjoyable.

We aim to deliver top-quality gear that is simple, comfortable, functional, and user-friendly for every kind of outdoor adventure. That's how the brand, KILOS GEAR, was initiated——gear that weighs less 'kilo'grams, so that you can travel further in more 'kilo'meters.

See how campers are satisfied.

A must have!

"We love camping and are always looking for quality but small compact gear. This is definitely a must have!"

David T.

Verified Buyer

Good and reliable

"It is reliable as long as you use it in a proper way! And it is so light and easy to move! Worth to buy!"

Joanne C.

Verified Buyer

So compact but large

"I like the fact that it so compact but large. There are many things that I will be using this for."

Lisa M.

Verified Buyer

We’d love to hear from you!

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Email hello@kilosgear.com.au and we will be back to you as soon as possible.